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The SFPC was born in 2000 when dozens of printmakers met at the Mission Cultural Center and decided to respond to gentrification with art.

We printed posters together, gave copies to neighborhood groups and pasted our work on the streets of San Francisco.

After this first project we joined the Mission Anti-displacement Coalition (MAC), a group of non-profits, small businesses and individuals working to stop the displacement of low-income people and immigrants from the Mission District.

Leading a mass movement against gentrification, MAC carried out campaigns that made news headlines and changed city laws. The coalition lobbied for new legislation and zoning policies within local government but also staged sit-ins, building occupations and street demonstrations to wield political power on the streets.

The SFPC used art to support MAC, publicize its campaigns and increase its membership.

We scaled buildings and dropped banners at MAC demonstrations. We liberated billboards, organized art exhibits and made street theater props for MAC campaigns. We printed banners, placards, armbands and clothing to boost visibility and media coverage at MAC events, and we screenprinted and wheatpasted thousands of posters to promote the coalition's work.

The SFPC intentionally used mass produced art that could be embraced by the Mission community and displayed in countless windows, homes, businesses and city streets. Our work projected MAC into the news, reclaimed public space for low-income residents and clearly demonstrated neighborhood opposition to gentrification.

For more information see San Francisco’s Space Wars and A Year in the Anti-displacement Movement by Tom Wetzel.